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Call for Submissions: Letters

Mosaic invites innovative and interdisciplinary submissions for a special issue on the theme of philosophy’s, literature’s, or any other discipline’s, letters. Traditionally, letters have been regarded as “non-serious” or at least as superfluous to the critical enterprise proper (consider Kant’s division of Plato the letter-writer from Plato the philosophical father). But can letters themselves be considered critical forays and/or keys to the inheritance of scholarly work? Might letters put the serious/non-serious opposition into question? For this special issue, Mosaic encourages submissions that bring letters to light in relation but not limited to the following themes: understanding a writer’s or artist’s body of work; alternate histories; friendship; auto-bio-graphy; archival and digital repository research; email and electronic posting.

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Submissions must be received by October 16, 2015.

Forthcoming Publications

“A matter of lifedeath” Conference Proceedings I-III 48.2, 48.3, 48.4 (June, Sep., Dec. 2015) The proceedings issues will feature keynote lectures given by Andrea Carlin, Francoise Dastur, and Elisabeth Weber, along with selected papers presented by participants.

Mosaic, a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature

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