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Volume 7:1, 2021

Articles by Kristján Kristjánsson, Andreas Ryberg

Volume 6:1, 2020

Introduction by Graham M Smith and articles by Ruairidh J. Brown, Eric Anton Heuser, Heather Devere, Kelli Te Maihāroa, Maui Solomon and Maata Wharehoka.

Volume 5:1, 2018

Article by Preston King, and book review by Lisa Gibson

Volume 4:1, 2017

Articles by Natalia Jonsson-Skradol, Kipton E. Jensen and Preston King, and book reviews by Heather Devere, Preston King and Ethan J Leib.

Volume 3:1, 2015

Introduction by Graham M. Smith and articles by Sibyl A. Schwarzenbach, Vesa Leppänen, Claus Emmeche, and book reviews by Yuri van Hoef and Jennifer Constantine Jackson.

Volume 2:1, 2014

Introduction by Heather Devere, and articles by Marcel Wissenberg, Shardé M. Davis, Tamara D. Afifi, Fred Guyette and Yuri van Hoef. Book Review by Simon Koschut.

Volume 1:1, 2013

Introduction by Graham M. Smith and articles by Heather Devere, P. E. Digeser, Shay Welch and Julian P. Haseldine, and book review by Ruth Abbey.