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Call for Papers

Seventh Issue 2021

AMITY: The Journal of Friendship Studies is an open-access international, peer-reviewed journal that aims to examine the long and rich tradition of friendship both within and across cultural and historical boundaries. The Editors invite original and analytical interdisciplinary academic articles regarding the exploration and development of the study of friendship.

AMITY is published on a rolling basis.  As soon as a paper is accepted, edited, and issued with a DOI it will be made available on the website.

The editors particularly welcome research related to the following topics:

  1.   The philosophical character of friendship.
  2.   The ethics of friendship.
  3.   Historical and evolving theories of friendship.
  4.   Friendship and culture.
  5.   Friendship and science.
  6.   Friendship and despotism.
  7.   Friendship and liberty.
  8.   Friendship and modernity.
  9.   Friendship and society.
  10. Friendship and the state.
  11. Friendship between states.
  12. Friendship and politics.
  13. Friendship and equality.
  14. Friendship and hierarchy.
  15. Friendship and pluralism.
  16. Friendship and community.
  17. Friendship and religion.
  18. Friendship: justice and ‘the good society’.
  19. Friendship: ties with animals.
  20. Friendship: cosmopolitanism and internationalism.
  21. Friendship: sociology and psychology.

Authors may submit articles for review at any time.  Articles must be submitted electronically in either Rich text Format (RTF) or as a Word document to the editors:

Graham M Smith ( and/or  Heather Devere (